Is selecting a hair roller diameter a bit confusing?

Read on to learn about our 4 favorite diameter hair rollers, as we explain Size Matters!

The size of your hair roller is important for a few reasons.  If you are going to sleep on your rollers, you will want to select a size that is comfortable to lay on.  You also need to consider the style of curls you want to achieve.

The largest size Hair Roller that we currently make is 1 ½ inch diameter roller.   This jumbo size roller is not the most comfortable to sleep on, so definitely position this roller across the top of your head if you’re going to sleep with them in your hair.  Curls achieved with this roller are going to be soft and wavy.  This size is a great option to add volume to your hair, without adding endless curls.  A great thing about the 1 ½ inch roller is how quickly you can achieve volume and body in your hair.

If you are looking for a loose, full size curl our 1-inch rollers are going to make you happy.  Curls using our 1-inch diameter rollers are defined, and beautiful.  These are still not my favorite to sleep directly on, I love using a Pebbles Flintstone inspired bun overnight for fabulous full-bodied curls, ready to go first thing in the morning.  If you use multiple rollers overnight you will wake up with awe-inspiring curls.

My favorite roller size and the most versatile size we offer is the ¾ inch diameter roller.  This size is going to give you endless curls. You can spiral curl, retro curl… basically, any way you can imagine curling your hair can be achieved with this diameter.  Best of all, these rollers are super soft to sleep on!  Use fewer rollers for a softer curl; use more rollers for tons and tons of curls.

Looking for a starter set of Rollers, or tight curls?  Look no further than our ½ inch diameter size.  As with our ¾” size rollers, the ½ inch diameter rollers are very versatile and easy to sleep on.  I recommend this size for girls that have not worn hair rollers to bed before.  Another tip for first-time hair roller use with girls, don’t wait until you need your child’s hair looking perfect to try these out.  Wake up one morning and put the rollers in her hair to let her get used to wearing them before you try to have her sleep in them.  She will be less likely to fidget and play with the rollers when she does start wearing them to bed if she is already familiar with them.  You can achieve tight ringlets with the ½ inch size, as well as corkscrew curls or spiral curls.

All of our Rollers double as Hair Bun Makers. With an added benefit of curling your hair while you wear your hair in a bun you can effortlessly move from one hairstyle to the next hairstyle.