Summer Wedding? Get Your Hair Ready

Wedding Season’s around and you want to flaunt your hairlocks – like a classy elegant woman of taste. Here’s how you can achieve such precious and attractive hair-curls that make you the most-noticed and the most-talked about.

Wedding season is here whether we are ready or not. It seems a bit unfair that the favorite time of year for weddings is also the worst time of the year for your hair. The affects of the sun and humidity are quite apparent and not an easy battle to deal with. There are a few things that you can do to help your hair stay as healthy as possible through all the weddings coming up. The first thing is to limit the use of any tools that require heat like your flat iron or blow dryer. The summer heat does enough damage to your hair on its own so if you can avoid using them at least for a few days before the wedding, it really helps.

Whether you are the actual bride or just going to a lot of weddings, you can actually get your curls without the heat by using our  satin Curling Tiara. It is 36 inches long and 1-1/2 inch in diameter and comes with a soft cotton center with a layer of Phase Change Material inside for extra curl power.  (Our PCM is plant based, non-carginogenic and makes your Curling Tiara feel cool to the touch). There are no wires to poke your head and no foam to end up flat and misshapen after a few uses. This extra extra long roller is intended to drape from the crown of your head down towards your shoulders. Wrap your slightly damp hair around the satin curling tiara and secure the tips of your hair to the Curling Tiara Satin with scrunchies.  You can wear this overnight, or for several hours. Curl results will vary based on how long you wear the Curling Tiara Satin. Your hair will soon “train” itself for curls as you use the product becoming easier to curl with repeated use.

You can purchase with matching scrunchies but you don’t have to if you would rather use your own. The longer you wear the Curling Tiara, the more curl you will have. It is fun to play with the tiara before the big day to make sure you get just the right amount of curl.