Ready To Wear Extensions

Do you love hair extensions but hate the tangles? Keep reading for a simple solution to not only end tangles but to also keep your extensions ready to wear!  

I bought my first set of extensions a few years ago. Even though my natural hair is well below my shoulders, I still craved longer flowing tresses. I have several styles of extensions and I use them all.

What drives me insane is the upkeep on each weft. A simple solution I have found is to use My Easy Curls hair rollers between wearing my extensions.  In a few simple steps, I can save myself hours of time.  Here is how…

First, determine if your extensions need to be washed, and follow your specific manufacturer’s directions for washing.  Once the extensions are almost dry do the following.  * I always add a tiny drop of argan oil to my hands to gently work into my hair extensions. This is optional, but I have found the argan oil to be especially beneficial to keep the extensions from becoming damaged and breaking and to keep the hair shiny. 

1) Roll a small section of hair onto a My Easy Curls Hair Roller. Take time to wrap the tip of the hair two to three times around one end of the roller before you roll the remainder of the hair in a spiral motion on the roller.  Use a Bobby pin to secure the weft of hair at the top of the roller and then snap the two ends of the roller closed. 


2) Repeat step 1 until all of your hair extensions have been rolled.  

3) Follow your manufacturer’s suggestion for storing your hair between uses.  My Luxy hair extensions are kept in the original box they came in, as the box was designed for storage.  My other extensions are kept in a fancy card box.  

 When I am ready to wear my extensions I gently unroll the hair from the My Easy Curls Hair Roller and place the curled weft in my hair.  Again, repeat for all of the wefts that you will be wearing.  The best part of storing my extensions on these Hair Rollers is there are NO Tangles and the wefts of hair are always curled and ready to wear.  By storing my extensions on the My Easy Curls hair rollers the wefts are kept neat and tidy which eliminates the tangles that occur as your extensions shift while being moved. 

There are 4 sizes of hair rollers to choose from, each offering a variety of curls and endless styling options. You can even use the My Easy Curls Hair Roller in your hair to make hair buns.