Princess Curling Tiara – Small 3 piece set

Princess Curling TiaraPrincess Curling Tiara – Small 3 piece set

The Royal Princess’s Hair-curl and Locks – looks not everyone knows about…   Princess Curling Tiara in delicate Satin. This long roller is intended to drape from the crown of your head down towards your chin. Wrap your hair around the satin Princess curling tiara and secure the tips with the provided Satin scrunchies. Using the scrunchies, you can secure the Princess Curling Tiara – Small in front of your shoulders, or behind.

Experiment and try alternate ways to curl your hair around the Curling Tiara such as across the top (crown) or your head, or as a headband where you roll and tuck the hair around the Princess Curling Tiara. Options are unlimited.  As with all curling products, results will vary and practice may be needed.

Use one of your scrunchies to secure the opposite side of your hair to the Princess Curling Tiara as you begin to help keep the tiara in place as you are learning to use this product.  From the top of the opposite side of your hair, wind small sections of your hair from the root to tip around the curling tiara.  Use the Scrunchie to secure the tip to the Princess Curling Tiara while you work with the next section. For a tighter hold, I like to alternate the next few sections of hair around the Tiara.  Front to back, back to front, thus adding more body to your curls.

Features a 3/4 inch in diameter x 23-24 inches long for easy, wavy curls, this is perfect for smaller faces, or anyone that wants a tighter curl than is offered by the larger Curling Tiara. The scrunchies provided with this 3 piece set are smaller. Try this great set for anyone new to sleeping on rollers as the diameter is more narrow and soft.   The Princess Curling Tiara is more narrow in diameter and shorter in length than our standard Curling Tiara.

Color Selections

Pink Solid
Brown Print
White Floral Print
Lavender Solid
Black Solid

Tips: This item works best for Medium to long hair. Shoulder length or shorter hair may not work with this product. All sales final on Hair products due to personal nature of items.    Visit our  YouTube Page for demonstrations and how to’s featuring our products.

The Princess’s Look – That dangling hair curl brushing off your face, adding sensitivity, cuteness and innocence to your face.

Princess Curling Tiara Small 3 Piece Set is a must have in your beauty routine.