How to Make Your Hair Curl Naturally

How to Curl Hair Overnight

Here’s How to Make your hair curl naturally – without any chemicals, sauces, sprays and artificial treatments – Enjoy..!!

  • Preparing for an interview or an audition, curly wavy hair is a rave and gets instant attention and passes the credibility to your aura and confidence.
  • There are plenty of ways to achieving curly hair overnight – like –
    1. Braid your hair overnight – sleep with braided hair, nicely loosely done. Treat it with soothing oil massage in the morning and you’ll love the looks and locks.
    2. Scrunch your hair with a sea-salt spray. If your hair has a natural texture, this technique will give mind-blowing results. Spray from the middle of the hair to the ends, then scrunch upwards. See the natural wavy chic beach look. Wear that vibe. You’ll feel the confidence moving with your curls. Scrunching is rolling the parts of your hair from places, repeatedly. The rolled-up hair assumes a look that is then treated with hair spray, water spray, and a blower. That keeps the hair textured, lively, curly, and bouncy without a trace of artificial treatment. That’s Scrunching.
    3. Hair Rollers + Hairspray – still is quite an in technique you can use to achieve that super heatless glamor curls.
    4. Halo T-Shirt – grab a T-Shirt, tie the ends, make a halo, place it on the head and wrap and curl your hair around the t-shirt. Sleep overnight. You’ll have amazing curly wavy fresh hair. Brush and you’re ready to rock. But the halo can be thick and could disturb your sleep. Instead, try’s Curling Tiara to achieve heatless curled short hair or long hair overnight. Doesn’t disturb your sleeping posture, it takes care of your hair, stays gentle, is natural with no side effects. T-Shirt Halo needs pins to curl and wrap your hair. Those pins could be painful.
    5. Sock Buns – easy wavy locks can be achieved with sock buns. Get an old soft sock, cut the ends, pull your hair and ponytail through it. Let it hold overnight and you’ll have wavy looks the next morning. This is a good technique but its better is to have a hygienic way of doing it. Socks carry germs and bacteria due to dampness, use, and overuse. The dried-out germs and bacteria can find their way. Who knows? These organisms are resilient and are known to stand temperatures and pressure. When exposed to favorable conditions, they get activated and start multiplying without us knowing. That’s scary for the scalp.

So, it’s better to have permanent, cleaner, hygienic, safe ways to get those locks and wavy hair curls.’s curlers are hand-made, with high quality, earth-friendly products – which means your hair get the softness, the right treatment, and the peace of mind of not damaging your hair overnight.

  1. Twist Your hair – on both sides of your hair. Pull your hair from the sides and back; curl and twist them tightly, so they hold and get the curly position in about 6 hours. Separate the curls the following morning. The result – you get loosely wavy natural curls. Have some hairspray to have the hair keep the position. Enjoy the frizzy looks.
  2. Spoolies – this is not an easy technique, but it requires wrapping your hair strands on spoolies that curl your hair. The spoolies all on your head don’t look that appealing so you’ll have to stay at home. It needs a bit of legwork, but it achieves frizzies that stay curled for days. It needs a bit of practice to achieve the curls. The longer a spoolie stays on your hair, the tighter the curls will be.
  3. Hair Plop – take a shower, apply hair products and wrap your hair around your t-shirt. Overnight, your hair will get those bouncy, wavy curls.

These are some of the newer safer ways to get that wave-locked curled hair – all done overnight. produces hair-loving, soft, smooth curls that don’t hurt, give better results without heating and applying any sort of chemical-loaded sprays. makes hand-made curls that flow easily with your hair, and you can sleep without worrying about pins, or loops or spoolies disturbing your sleep. Also, my easy curls look aesthetically appealing. Spoolies, hair rollers give a Martian look. That’s foreign and unwelcomed, you can’t step out of the house or out of your bed.

My easy curls are easy to use, come in assorted colors, which look beautiful while the curls treat your hair. So even if you have guests around or want to go for a quick shop or for a bite, you can still wear the easy curls. You won’t be carrying the embarrassment with you.

Machine-based curling methods are dangerous, which damage the hair follicles. As women age, the nutritional fulfillment of your hair gets depleted as time passes. Add chemical treatments, hairsprays and your hair start losing the shine and the inner beauty which comes naturally.

Remember, curling hair overnight doesn’t need artificial stuff – it’s easy, there are plenty of techniques that would give you the look.

Artificial machine-based curling is noticed from miles away. Be it artificial hair implants, or hair treatment – it just plainly shows up. What’s the point if you can’t look natural.

Natural curls are the best confidence boosters. Though the curls may not seem as perfect as machine-based curls but perfecting them to look artificial doesn’t add to your persona.

Naturally achieved curls have no symmetry – which they shouldn’t. That’s the best part. If your hair is flying around you, with bouncy curls, who cares if a braid is still incomplete, you’ll still pull off a natural, brimming and attractive look. That’s the power of nature.

Stay natural, adopt naturally.

If you want to try something quicker, cleaner, well-done but not perfect – we don’t believe in perfection, we just believe in preserving the original – then My Easy Curls are the quick fix for your interview, your parties, your get-together, your showing up as a surprise. Just for every occasion.

Wrap your braids, pull your hair in, pin your hair – oh no, you don’t need to, just wrap it, leave it, sleep on it or keep working; your curls just come out beautiful, soft, natural and very inviting.

People can’t but notice the curls are indeed coming alive as you move. That’s what easy curls are made of – softness and with hand-made love.

  How to Make Your Hair Curl Naturally

Diet and Hair Loss in Females

Diet and hair loss is very common in females as they tend to lose attention towards themselves when their family grows. That affects their health, black panda eyes take over, hair take a hit. The attraction, the beauty starts to fade away.

Good natural organic food is vital to having that vibrancy, natural shine that shows through your hair and transforms into your confidence. You wear your hair; you carry your persona. But if your hair starts falling, getting weaker at the roots, you can’t recover your hair back. Although it can be. But still, the hair loss can get rapidly fast.

With hair loss, poor diet, hair growth goes into the reverse mode. Baldness, which doesn’t look good but only if you’re starring in a Star Wars movie, can be very personality intimidating. You tend to grow reserved and withdrawn with hair fall and evident baldness.

So, if you’re really concerned about carrying your persona and maintaining freshness – a proper diet plan is necessary. Diet food which includes proteins, vitamins, veggies is a good and healthy source to maintain that freshness for a longer time.

  • Dry fruits like nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts are a good source of energy and oils that flow to your hair to keep them shining, alive and self-sustaining. Good healthy hair stands on its ends, and not falling flat on your scalp.
  • Natural fruits and juices like orange juice, pineapple, watermelon are the best sources to keep your hair brimming with energy and life.
  • Chestnuts are good energy sources. Almond oil is best to consume and apply to your hair.
  • Bring back that full-of-life energy and shine to your hair with black seeds if that’s regular in your diet.
  • Milk, proteins, butter, dates – combine these and the dry fruits and you’ll be soon having thick hair replacing those bald spots.

How to Curl Short Hair Overnight

  • Curl your hair and pin them. Hold them in their place by wrapping your head with a scarf. Keep them wrapped and secure overnight. The curls will come naturally.
  • Wash your hair as you do. Use a soft towel to dry them. Comb your hair and part them from the centre. Twist each section like a twisted coil. Secure the sections with a bobby pin or any pin. Keep it overnight. Unpin and enjoy your curls.
  • Use headbands – wrap your short hair around it and have the curls ready in 2 hours or so.
  • Use the pin curl technique – it works on damp hair. Apply some cream to get the hair to hold. Use bobby pins to hold the hair in their place while the curls get done. Comb your hair, unpin them and Voila, your curls are ready to impress the crowd.
  • Use’s hand-made curls to get those frills, curls and wavy bouncy short hair. The soft, easy-to-use, inexpensive curlers don’t look embarrassing so you can keep up with the chores and guests. You could also take them to your work. You can prepare your hair for the evening dinner on a short notice.
  • Get My Easy Curls ( to work, wrap your hair and braid around it and slide those curls on your hair, wrap your head and when it’s time to reveal – give them a surprise as you unfurl and unwrap your hair just before the event. The fresher look will definitely catch much more attention.

My Easy Curls is an effective, safe and a hygienic way to achieve those curls. Need a quick fix before you head to the dinner, or an interview. Keep these handy. You can’t keep the pink foam rollers; they won’t really look that encouraging. They might attract the wrong attention.

My Easy Curls are but just the opposite – they look unique, easy and naturally settled with your hair and persona. Curl your hair with the curlers as you travel or while you have a coffee before the meeting – the curlers deliver those crispy wavy curls that will be the envy in the room.

Enjoy the natural curls.