We recommend you divide your hair into sections that you would place on a roller. Count the sections you end up with. The longer/thicker your hair, the more curlers you will need.

We are washable, either by machine or by hand. We suggest you place your rollers in a lingerie bag, or pillowcase if machine washing. While you can machine dry these, on your lowest dryer setting, we recommend allowing to air dry.

Do not microwave your Hair Rollers and Buns. The inner layer of Phase Change Material can melt.  If you wish, you may blow dry your rolled hair with a hair dryer.  

We have No Foam and No wire inside our rollers. While the exact item we use for shape and softness is proprietary, we will share this. Each roller is made with Cotton, or Satin fabric. The second layer is a layer of phase change material. The inner ‘stuffing” is made from soft cotton and does not loose it’s round shape after use.

Our rollers are equipped with Phase Change Material (PCM). PCM is a material that was originally designed for NASA. Essentially, it’s heat managing fabric. This unique material offers both an extra layer of durability for our handmade rollers and draws excess heat from your hair into the roller.

The heat is then stored in the PCM and released back to your hair slowly. This exchange continues for as long as your hair makes contact with our rollers. All you have to do is slowly roll your hair into our handmade rollers and the material does the work for you.

Interestingly, our rollers are cool to the touch. This doesn’t mean they aren’t working, it’s simply a by-product of the material. PCM coated fabrics usually feel cold to the touch.

Self-regulating with seamless heat exchange, our PCM material provides complete support for getting those soft, supple curls that you crave. And the best part is it doesn’t damage your hair like a curling iron or a blow dryer will. It softly heats your hair to the perfect temperature and creates a curl that’s as close to perfect as you can get.

Besides being a more expensive fabric than cotton, Satin is a delicate fabric we have to take special care when working with to avoid picks and runs. We take every precaution to ensure the satin items we ship arrive to you in pristine condition. We also encourage you to take care when using and storing these to keep them out of contact with things like Velcro!

We select our fabrics with an aim for individuality. Our fabrics come in varied sizes that dictate how many rollers can be made from any particular piece.

Absolutely! Send me your City/State/Zip along with the set(s) you are interested in and we will calculate your shipping.

Recommendations- ½ inch rollers are most comfortable for younger girls when sleeping. They will also give you the tightest curl.
¾ inch are comfortable for sleeping. Curls will be soft and long-lasting.
1 inch rollers are great for use as a Hair Donut, providing an easy base for elegant updo’s, and when used for curling your hair will give you loose wavy curls.

1 ½ inch give your hair body, and very loose curls. These are perfect for hair buns.

Ultimately, the size is up to you. Mix them up and have fun!

YES! We use Earth Magnets for our magnetic closures and make each set as requested. They work great, and are flat. They do cost a bit more per set. Earth magnets should not be used by anyone wearing or in close contact with someone else using a Pace Maker.

Yes! We make each of our items individually and can adjust length, quantity, color, fabric, closure, ask us, we probably can do it.

NO, As we currently do not hold any license privileges and are unable to sell licensed printed fabrics.